Celtic Spirit

At Keltfest Celtic Spirit offers you the chance to explore yourself and your surroundings. They give all kinds of interesting workshops, ceremonies and spirituality. Get inspired!


Celtic Spirit

Celtic Spirit can also be found at the new Keltfest location. The theme this year is; Strength, Power; The power of love during the Maypole dance, the strength of the elements, the power of Celtic Symbolism.

We would like to welcome you at one of our workshops, Maypole dance, crafting, and rituals, to experience this powerful energy and connect.

Celtic Spirit Programme


11.00h Day opening – The Pagan Lady
11.30h Element ritual – Gabs
12.00h Celtic cook workshop for kids – Ingeborg
12.30h Beltane workshop – Centrum Innerpeace
13.00h  Crafting: Power stick with Celtic Wish – Gabs
13.30h Goddess Power workshop – Margo
14.00h crafting: Celtic herb pouches – Groene Godin
14.30h Celtic love cord workshop – Centrum Innerpeace
15.00h receive your Elf name – Groene Godin
15.30h The Hunt – the Pagan Lady
16.00h The Maypole ceremony – the Pagan Lady
16.30h ending Maypole dance
17.00h  The Fire jump at the Celtic Spirit tent
18.30h The power of connection – Margo


11.00h Day opening – Margo
11.30h Workshop Element ritual – Gabs
12.00h Finger labyrinth – the Apple lady
12.00h Celtic cook workshop for kids – Ingeborg
12.30h Tree spirit workshop – Ilonka
13.00h Crafting: Power stick with Celtic Wish – Gabs
13.30h Goddess power workshop – Margo
14.00h crafting: Celtic herb pouches – Groene Godin
14.30h Finger labyrinth  – the Apple lady
15.00h Receive your Elf name – Groene Godin
15.30h Tree spirit workshop –  Ilonka
15.30h The Hunt – the Pagan Lady
16.00h The Maypole ceremony – the Pagan Lady
16.30h ending Maypole dance
17.00h The Fire jump at the Celtic Spirit tent


Gabs has been the coordinator of the Celtic Spirit group for more than 5 years and also organises various workshops for young and old in which healing sounds and the power of wishing are central. This year she has again put together a wonderful program.                                                                                                               

Ritual of the ancient Elements

Within this ancient Element Ritual we connect, in which the power of the elements is central, during this ritual you experience the elements in movement, in sound and in silence, which wish is hidden in them?
Both days at 11.30h.

Power stick craft workshop with Celtic Wish

Hidden in every tree there is a magic power with a message for you, are you looking for your magic message, then I will see you at the craft workshop at 13.00h.

The Pagan Lady

Beltane, Keltfest 2018

It’s the beginning of summer! We honor the power of the sun and the fertility of mother earth. We celebrate the light, all new life. We celebrate glorious life itself!
It’s that time of the year! Everybody does it! The birds and the bees. Love is in the air, lovers will find each other!

I am the Pagan Lady, an urban witch from the Hague. Like last year I will organize, together with my coven Diana, the passionate ritual of Beltane. We invite everybody to join us. Dance, sing and have a jolly good time with each other, and fall in love with life itself.

At 15:30, we start with the hunt. The men need to gain as many little rings from the women as they can. The man with the most rings will be crowned as the May king and gets to choose his bride.
This couple will be the symbol for the power of nature and the union of divine male and female.

At 16:00, the ritual begins and the Maypole will be placed. Grab one of the ribbons and dance around the pole accompanied by merry musicians!

At 17:00, we take this sparkling energy with us to the sacred fire and jump over it for protection and fertility of all our plans and wishes.

Margo Awanata

Goddess Within

An Empowerment workshop especially for women who want to discover and awaken their inner goddess. We will break free from everyday expectations and daily obligations and discover what lies underneath.
Both days at 13.30h.

The power of connection

During this workshop, we will make a deep connection with mother earth, our selves and the others. Because of our daily busy lives, we often lose the real connections and those connections are essential for our happiness. It is a journey into the depth, where we will unleash the magic within. 
Saturday at 18.30h.

SoupLady Ingeborg

Celtic cook workshop for kids

At 12 o’clock, SoupLady Ingeborg is starting with creating a Celtic herb soup, if you also want to stir in the brew, You can help with cutting the vegetables, smell the different herbs and taste the special soup, at the end there is also a little surprise by the fire… I will see you at the Kettle.


Rineke is also this year at Keltfest across from the Celtic Spirit Tent, where she draws beautiful symbols and loving messages, are you up for it?

Rosa Mare

The power of the Rune stones

The runic script is the oldest known script, used by Germanic peoples from the second century to the seventeenth century. The first symbolic signs to express thoughts with were called runes, which originated from the gothic word ‘Runa’, meaning secret.
Each symbolic rune sign is a storage for intuitive knowledge, and it takes insight and knowledge to read the stones clearly and articulate them to the outsider.

If I am interpreting my stones, I always note how it fascinates people, especially by the pureness of the stones with their signs.
Meet with the old ritual of the rune stones. They provide wisdom and insight.

The Apple Lady

The Heart of the Apple

In this experience you’re going to be guided in finding this one little seed within yourself, that will grow into a tree this summer. What is your deepest desire? What is it that you want to let grow from the bottom of your heart?  Give this seed all of your love, attention en energy. In this way you will harvest a shiny red en green apple when the time is right. You can visit the Apple lady by yourself or with a friend. On Sunday at the info tent of Celtic Spirit.

Workshop Fingerlabyrinth

By following the path of the labyrinth with your finger, you will be guided to the peace and quietness of the labyrinth’s center. On your way to this center, you can let go of what’s bothering you in daily life. Arrived, you will find your deepest core and nothing from the outside world will stand in your way to listen.  You will receive new inspiration, answers or images. On your way back to the outer world you carefully consider how to incorporate your newly gained inspiration into your life. You will carry with you it in your heart in daily life.
On Sunday at 12.00h and 14.30h.


Innerpeace – The centre where everything comes together and may be as it presents itself. Healing, Herbs and the contact with the Spiritworld, form the foundation for working with the earth and the Spirits.

On Saturday:12.30u: Susann takes you on a Beltain Ritual, Water & Fire, Female & Masculine, earth & Heaven, create from unity.
Saturday at 12.30h.

Create a Beltain lovecord.
Both days at 14.30h.

You are most welcome,
In Lakech – I am the other you – Blessed be.

De Groene Godin

Make a Celtic power pouch with herbs, while the Celtic herbs witch Airmed is watching over us.
Both days at 14.00h.

Traveling with The Green Goddess.
An encounter with Mab, the Elves queen, through guided meditation.
Receive your secret Elves name.
Both days at 15.00h.

Celtic Spirit

Het Loosterveld

Tree Spirits, The power of softness

Every tree has a spirit, a soul. Which Tree spirit will show his or her soft and sparkling strength and energy to you? Which message is there for you; insight, protection, healing?

The TreeSpirits invite you to come and connect and experience the power of Softness. You Human, deeply rooted, widespread man, human Tree.
Sunday at 12.30h and 15.30h.

Ilonka Heideveld, Het Loosterveld, Dutch Shaman,
In fall 2017 an article of Ilonka appeared in magazine the Happiness.