Celtic Spirit

At Keltfest Celtic Spirit offers you the chance to explore yourself and your surroundings. They give all kinds of interesting workshops, ceremonies and spirituality. Get inspired!



‘Connection’ this year is Central to Celtic Spirit, connection in Nature, elements, energy, and the ancient customs and rituals. Every day we start with a beautiful day-opening and during the day there are workshops you can join, during the day we celebrate Beltaine and jump over the holyfire.

On Saturday we have a new evening programme, we start with Keltfest Werewolves game led by the Ravens inn, after that we listen to cozy tunes by Marjolijn and Ko and sing mantras at the campfire under the guidance of Margo Awanata, Be welcome in this connection.

Programme Celtic Spirit

Programme both days

11.00h Day-opening    Saturday Gabs/ Sunday Ingrid

12.00h Gabs Healing element sounds

13.00h Children of the earth Ingeborg

13.00h de Groene Godin crafting

13.30h Gabs crafting; intuitive Rune drawing

14.00h Pagan Lady

15.00h Warrior journey for men led by Peter

15.00h Path of the priestess

15.30h De groene Godin meditation

16.00h The Hunt led by Centrum Innerpeace and Celtic Spirit members

16.15h Element Dance by Margo Awanata

16.30h May tree ceremony led by Centrum Innerpeace and Celtic Spirit members

16.45h May tree Dance led by Centrum Innerpeace and Celtic Spirit members

17.15h Fire jump led by Centrum Innerpeace and Celtic Spirit members

Saturday Evening Programme

19.00h Celtic Werewolves game led by Ravens inn

19.30h Music at the Campfire with Marjolijn &Ko

20.00h Mantra singing with Path of the priestess en Celtic Spirit members



Beltaine the beginning of summer. With Beltaine we celebrate the love, the connection of Wodan and Freya..

The Chase

Women give their Ribbon to the man of their choice. The winner will be crowned as the May king. He chooses his May Queen. Together they are the May Royal couple and symbolically they go in a connection of love.


We go in procession with the May Royal couple  and invite everyone to walk and to celebrate, singing and dancing with the drums.
At the Maypole (male and female) we dance with the ribbons around the pole, with  joy and lovely sounds. 

Fire jump

The sacred fire, border between the old and the new.
After the May Royal couple jumped over the holy fire,every body is invited to jump over the protected, cleans, and plans and wishes do come true. When you jump as a couple over the holy fire, you promise a year and a day, to stay connected.
With new energy we embrace the summer.     

gebs lichthuis keltfest celtic spirit heidense bende

Gabs Lichthuis

Gabs and her Earth fairies also organize two beautiful workshops this year in the Celtic Spirit tent;

Element Healing sounds

At 12.00h; with various instruments we make a healing sound journey along the elements, which element suits you and where do you have something to learn? The healing sounds will show you the way, listen…

Intuitive Rune drawing

At 13.30h; The age-old Rune are with us and would like to tell us a lot, only how can the reach your heart? Be welcome to receive messages in your own drawings.

de heksenkrijger peter ingeborg celtic spirit keltfest heidense bende

de Heksenkrijger

Peter en Ingeborg guide people in recovery and development processes for years. In this the discovery of yourself is their focus point. Peter is registered coach and Ingeborg is Mindfulness trainer.

Warriors Journey by Peter           

Male warriors of today! 
Join us on the battlefield to encounter your personal fight.

For men only. Saturday and Sunday at 15:00h.

Workshop Children of the Earth by Ingeborg

You are beautiful
You are of value!
Who are you?

Come explore with us.

For kids 5-12 years on Saturday and Sunday 13:00h


pagan lady celtic spirit keltfest

the Pagan Lady

Sungod Belenos ritual

It’s the beginning of summer! We honor the power of the sun and the fertility of mother earth. We celebrate the light, all new life. We celebrate glorious life itself! Join us at 14:00h.

I am the Pagan Lady, an urban witch from the Hague. This year I will perform the story about the great Celtic God Belenos. I take you with me in a ritual about the magic of Beltane. We make contact with the high energy of this season. And you will be able to ask questions and doing wishes at the God Belenos. After this you will happy, loving and with the sun in your heart rejoin the festival.

path of the priestess keltfest celtic spirit heidense bende

Path of the Priestess

Power, connection, deepness 
Path of the Priestess will again be present this year.

Workshop Celtic Priestess

At 15:00h, we’ll give the workshop Celtic Priestess in which we make a deep connection with mother earth.
From this connection we let the priestess in ourselves awaken.

Elements Dance

At 16:15h the priestesses will bless the earth with a dance of the elements for the maypole ritual. They will embody earth, water, air and fire under the guidance of the beating drums.


At 20:00h we gather at the fire of Celtic Spirit for half an hour of chanting. Together we sing short chants in an honouring of Mother Earth and as a magical way to conclude the festival.

groene godin celtic spirit keltfest heidense bende

The Green Goddess

Make a Celtic power pouch

At 13:00h you can make your own Celtic power pouch with herbs. All while the Celtic herb witch Airmed is watching over us.

Travel through guided meditation

At 15:30h, you’ll go on a journey with the Green Goddess. Through guided meditation you get a chance to meet Mab, the Elven Queen. Receive here your secret elven name.

Rosa Mare Celtic Spirit Keltfest Heidense Bende

Rosa Mare

The power of the Rune Stones

The runic script is the oldest known script used by Germanic peoples from the second to the seventeenth century. Runic stones are named after the Gothic word “Runa” which meant secret. Each symbolic rune sign is a storage for intuitive knowledge, and it takes insight and knowledge to read the stones clearly and articulate them to the outsider.

When I am interpreting my stones, I always note how it fascinates people, especially by the pureness of the stones with their signs. Meet with the old ritual of the rune stones. They provide wisdom and insight.

Ravens Inn celtic spirit keltfest heidense bende

Ravens Inn

Werewolves of Keltfest

There are many werewolves at Keltfest. Now, we need your help to teach these werewolves a good lesson and to chase them away from Keltfest. Saturday evening at 19.00 we play a game of Werewolves of Keltfest in a unique way with the comfort of a nice campfire.