Keltfest is a festival for everyone of every age. Therefore Kidshill has many activities for your little ones. There are lots of wonderful games and craft activities and what to think about the kiddybattle? Will you help us beat the adults? More information on Kidshill and its program can be found on this page.


More information will follow soon

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Like every year we’ve got plenty to do for the children on the Kidshill. Come in to get your face painted and of course there will be lots of wonderful games to play. Participate in several craft projects or colouring. 

Of course our traditional kiddybattle will be one of the highlights. The children will have a chance to fight the adults. We definitely need the aid of strong children! Are you coming to help us? 

For the smallest ones (age 0-2) we have a quiet and safe place where they can rest and play for a while. For the parents we offer changing facilities as well as a place to heat a meal.