At Keltfest there is much more to experience and see. How about the Highland Games, Bagpipe competitions and several crafts? In short: something to see, do or try for everyone. Make sure to check all those activities at Keltfest.


Highland Dancing

There is very little that evokes the spirit of Scottish culture quite like Highland Dancing. These days most dancers are female, but the roots of these dances are in the military clan culture and Scottish folklore. Originally Highland Dancing was for men only, and clan chiefs used the sword dances and other dances to select their very best men. The men used the dances to show their strength, stamina, and discipline.

Highland Dancing competitions are organised under the authority of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. The dances are Highland Dances (always danced in Kilt) and National Dances (generally danced in the Aboyne costume which suits the more elegant style of these dances). The best-known dance in the Sword Dance, in which dancers dance over two crossed swords – and which they are not allowed to touch. Next to the Highland Dances there will be other solo dances and group dances.

Continental Pipe Band Championships 2018

On Saturday 26th of May the Scottish Fields will be dedicated to the Scottish Highlands. In the best tradition of the cradle of the Pipe Band, the Highlands of Scotland, bands from the Netherlands and Belgium will compete with each other in several game components for the title of Continental Pipe Band Champion 2018.

Depending on the component in which the bands will compete, they will be performing either several musical compositions from a predefined list from Scotland or self selected music from known and unknown compositions. 

These components will be judged by an official jury from Scotland. Bands will be judged on the musicality of the bagpipe players, but the drummers will be assessed separately as well. These results will determine the final result of the bands. 

At the end of the day all bands together will play a big “Massed Band” before the award ceremony will take place.

Highland Games

Highland Games

The Higland Games have existed for over a thousand years. From 1700 onwards the components and rules haven’t changed a bit, what makes it a very tradition sport.
The games have originated from bloody battles between clans (families). Luckily for us the bloody aspect isn’t part of the games anymore, but clans still battle in their official family kilt.

At this moment Highland Games are organised all over the world. Especially in Scotland, the US, Brazil, Iceland, Australia, Germany, New Sealand, Belgium and the Netherlands this sport is very popular. The Dutch Championship was organised for the first time in 1990 in Sneek, Wout Zijlstra became the first winner. 

Nowadays the Dutch Championship exists out of several competitions and from the total ranking the winner is declared a champion. These games are held under auspices from the International Highland Games Federation, who also organises the European and World Championships. 

Enjoy this primal power sport and have a taste of ancient Scotland on Sunday May 27th.


Birdlive is a small and enthusiastic falconry, that enjoys bringing their spectators closer to nature with their beautiful birds. They work with rescue birds; birds that were injured or traumatized in their past, and have been lovingly and carefully nursed back to health. However, these birds are not pets and cannot be touched or petted. Birdlive does not do entertainment shows, but emphasizes the educational aspect of their craft, preferably for adults and/or children with special needs.

Falconry is an ancient tradition, carried on proudly and with great responsibility by Birdlive. For their falconers, living, flying and working with birds of prey and owls is not a job, but a 24/7 way of life.

Because of the weather conditions Birdlive won’t be present at Keltfest.