Find all necessary Keltfest Camping information on this page.

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Are people allowed onto the campsite to help me set up my tent?

This is only possible on Friday between 15:00 and 20:00. After that time the campsite is only accessible for people with special campsite wristbands.

Will I be able to charge my phone somewhere?

Unfortunately not at the fields. We will however provide a centralized place where you can charge your phone for a small fee (make sure to bring your own charger!).

Can I drive my car onto the campsite?

It is not allowed to enter the camping by car. You can park your car at the visitors parking. From here it will be a few hundred meters walk to the campsite.

Until what time am I allowed to make noise/sounds/music on the tent fields?

After 23:00 no music or loud noises are allowed on the camping fields. 

I want to set up my tent right next to my friend’s? Is that ok?

Only if you arrive at the same and at a reasonable time can we arrange this. The more time passes between either one of your arrivals the less chance you have of sleeping next to your buddy. We will not reserve any spot for anyone.

Can I park my motorcycle next to the tent?

No, you will have to park your motorcycle on the parking-lot.

Am I allowed to cook at my tent?

No, due to fire regulations we cannot allow any form of cooking near or at the tents. On the central square we will provide a special cookzone. Here you can use your camping burner to cook on. Check out the camping rules to see which camping burners are allowed. Other types of bottles than the ones mentioned are not allowed at the camping.

Unfortunately my question is not among this list, can I ask my question anywhere else?

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