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Bloodaxes of Cweorth

Meet The Bloodaxes of Cweorth, a viking family with origins in 10th century Denmark. We love to tell you all about our way of living; we eat, play, cook, cast the runestones for you and entertain you and your childeren with our stories, our handcrafts and ..we may even let you look into our cookingpot… Want to play Hnefatafl with us or try some handcrafting yourself? We promise not to raid or robb you, we are friendly and peaceful. Just don’t irritate the big guy or the wolf and you’ll be fine.

Vikings are more than just tough warriors or dreaded fighters. Their daily life was hard work. Preparing and cooking food, needlework and doing reparations took up a big part of the day. They laughed, worked, chatted and traded. The Bloodaxes of Cweorth is a 10th century Viking family. Admire the leatherwork of Bodulft, try a game of Hnefatafl with one of the kids or get your hair braided by Freya. Or perhaps you’d like to know what the runes will tell you? Othela loves to show you.

The cauldrons are always simmering in their little camp and sometimes… they take guests in to tell them more about their special crafts.

Program booklet 2018

The Keltfest program for 2018 is online! Can’t wait to start planning? Check out the online version here.

Program booklet 2018

Celtic Ceili workshop

Discover the cheerful group dances of Ireland and Scotland in the Celtic Ceili workshop. These dances are usually arranged in pairs and are danced in either a circle or a row. Already familiar with Balfolk or other folkloric dances from Western Europe? We’re sure you will recognise some aspects, in most traditional Celtic cultures the same movements are preserved. They are easy to learn so everyone is welcome in the workshops – whatever age, fitness or dance experience!

The Celtic Ceili workshop will be musically accompanied by Itchy Fingers.



Like every year we’ve got plenty to do for the children on the Kidshill. Come in to get your face painted and of course there will be lots of wonderful games to play. Participate in several craft projects or colouring. 

Of course our traditional kiddybattle will be one of the highlights. The children will have a chance to fight the adults. We definitely need the aid of strong children! Are you coming to help us? 

For the smallest ones (age 0-2) we have a quiet and safe place where they can rest and play for a while. For the parents we offer changing facilities as well as a place to heat a meal.



Che Tango

More than 10 years ago I came into contact with Balfolk. Immediately seized by the pleasure and improvisation that we find in Balfolk, I travelled to France many times in the summer to dance and learn more about European dances. Shortly thereafter I came into contact with the Argentine Tango. The music and precision of the dance grabbed me and I immediately became addicted. After having given Balfolk workshops in the Netherlands and abroad, living in Argentina for a year and giving Tango workshops and performances in Europe, South America and Asia, it is time to combine these two together! I do that with the great dancer and teacher Cecilia Brands. Together with you we look at how we can apply elements from the Tango in Balfolk. Tango experience is not necessary, Balfolk experience will help you a lot.


Sprookspreker is a fairytaler who tells interactive improvised stories. His fairy tale case will be filled with objects by the audience. The Sprookspreker uses these objects to tell a story that doesn’t exist yet. The results will be surprising to everyone, including the storyteller. The stories are only in Dutch.

Highland Dancing

There is very little that evokes the spirit of Scottish culture quite like Highland Dancing. These days most dancers are female, but the roots of these dances are in the military clan culture and Scottish folklore. Originally Highland Dancing was for men only, and clan chiefs used the sword dances and other dances to select their very best men. The men used the dances to show their strength, stamina, and discipline.

Highland Dancing competitions are organised under the authority of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. The dances are Highland Dances (always danced in Kilt) and National Dances (generally danced in the Aboyne costume which suits the more elegant style of these dances). The best-known dance in the Sword Dance, in which dancers dance over two crossed swords – and which they are not allowed to touch. Next to the Highland Dances there will be other solo dances and group dances.

Continental Pipe Band Championships 2018

On Saturday 26th of May the Scottish Fields will be dedicated to the Scottish Highlands. In the best tradition of the cradle of the Pipe Band, the Highlands of Scotland, bands from the Netherlands and Belgium will compete with each other in several game components for the title of Continental Pipe Band Champion 2018.

Depending on the component in which the bands will compete, they will be performing either several musical compositions from a predefined list from Scotland or self selected music from known and unknown compositions. 

These components will be judged by an official jury from Scotland. Bands will be judged on the musicality of the bagpipe players, but the drummers will be assessed separately as well. These results will determine the final result of the bands. 

At the end of the day all bands together will play a big “Massed Band” before the award ceremony will take place.


Of course there will be several Balfolk workshops at Keltfest this year!

While, in the old days, the upper class was dancing boring walses, the plebeians were having a party much more fun!! They danced their own kind of dances which nowadays are known as balfolk. For centuries balfolk brings people together to enjoy dance and live music.
The different dances wille be explained step by step in various workshops, both beginners and advanced. Everybody can join, with or without dancing experience, young or old, farmer or princes, troll or fairy.

Oma Wolletje

It’s the year is 1513, the early age of discovery, a time of turmoil and war. This is the era in which Oma Wolletje lives. Alongside her family, Oma Wolletje works hard to eke out a living. It’s a hard life but, as a family they have a good life.

The sheep are tended to by the little ones. The older children help with spinning, weaving and needle binding the wool. While life is harsh, they remain a warm and welcoming family that invites everyone to join them around the fire for some warmth. And if they are lucky they just might be able to join in on a simple but delicious home cooked meal.


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 Keltfest is known to be very photogenic, whether it’s the terrain, our line-up or our beautifully dressed visitors. Of course we’d like to see photo-enthusiasts enjoying this all! In order to let things run smoothly, we’ve crested a photography policy, so everyone will enjoy making photos and having their photo taken.
Check out our information page for more information and apply for a photo pass.

Time schedule 2018

Keltfest blokkenschema

Celtic Spirit

Celtic Spirit can also be found at the new Keltfest location. The theme this year is; Strength, Power; The power of love during the Maypole dance, the strength of the elements, the power of Celtic Symbolism.

We would like to welcome you at one of our workshops, Maypole dance, crafting, and rituals, to experience this powerful energy and connect.