LandLink staat op Keltfest 2019 in Vijhuizen. Viking re-enactment groep


Relive the times of the Vikings with LandLink

LandLink relives the times of the Vikings; a developed culture full of fine craftsmanship in strong connection with nature. Besides the beauty of the historic crafts, the experience of earthly connectedness is central. For a fur, an animal is felted on the spot, for LandLink stays close to the base and thus lets you renew your contact with the world around you. This edition of Keltfest Landlink offers you the possibility to get your hands dirty and make your own leather from fish-skin!

Prehistory Alive Worldwide slaat hun laat- mesolithische kampement op tijdens @Keltfest 2019 en neemt jou mee terug naar de jagers-verzamelaars

Prehistory Alive Worldwide

Prehistory Alive Worldwide will get you in touch with our ancestors from the Stone age!

Prehistory Alive Worldwide (PAW) sets up their late- mesolithic camp and takes you back to the hunter-gatherers. How did they make fire, tan hides, cook or make tools? PAW will show you with stories, demo’s and activities how they think it looked like around 8000 years ago. You can talk to them about topics such as  leather tanning, flint knapping, basket weaving, making nets and much more.

Pay a visit and let yourself be painted with ochre, try out the outfits or stay and chill on a deerskin around the fire.

Do you want more action?

Are you a real go-getter? Do you feel the blood of your ancestors running through your veins? Then sign up for the PREO GAMES! PAW challenges you to carry out multiple prehistoric activities as fast and good as you can, battling against other candidates… there are even some nice prices to win!

Do you have what it takes to be a hunter gatherer?

Marsanta Suibhail op Keltfest 2019

Marsanta Suibhail

The witches of Marsanta Suibhail 

We, Marsanta Suibhail, have a Celtic background and get our stuff we sell through barter during our trip through Europe. Our name is Celtic for traveling merchant and is pronounced “Marsant’a Shu-ul”.
From wood and bone we make tools like utensils and handicrafts, such as spoons, wooden needles and crochet hooks. Next, we sell these tools, but also use them ourselves to make jewelry and woolen hats. During Keltfest we demonstrate these crafts and give explanations. Would you like to try it yourself? Just ask!

We are witches. Due to the witch persecutions, we can never stay in the same area for long. We travel a lot and come into contact with many different peoples and cultures with whom we barter and exchange knowledge on craftsmanship. This way, we learned needle binding and making lucet cord making from the Vikings. But this tour is also dangerous and therefore we are both proficient in the use of the sword and axe.
Come and take a look!

oma wolletje, keltfest, vijfhuizen

Oma Wolletje

Wool and wisdom of Oma Wolletje

Oma Wolletje travels back in time to the year 1514. An eventful time of war, strife and hardship.

This family of spinnners is led by matriarch Oma Wolletje. Together with her children and grandchildren they spin, knit and weave their path through life. To provide for her family she sells her wool to whomever needs it. Wool hoods, ponchos, shawls and caps together with (animal friendly) felted sheepskins and shawls.

She also likes to share her wisdom with whomever will listen; whether it is of her trade or on life in general.

Join them at the campfire. Learn about the life of over five centuries ago… and maybe, just maybe you can try an authentic medieval meal.

See all the encampments at Keltfest 2019 at the tab Living History.

Branii Keltfest 2019 Vijfhuizen kampement


Celtic life with Branii

It’s always good to stay at the small encampment of Branii. The fire is always lit for warmth, tea and/or dinner. The occupants will show you life as it was in the Iron Age, the time of the Celts, in the Netherlands and surrounding areas.

Also, You can see how they cook on open fire and how the clothing is made. They can show you how to work leather, wood and metal into wonderful and useful items, and can teach you about herbs, nature, life itself and even death.

The Branii will even pick up arms when their encampment is threatened!

So come visit Branii and let them take you back to the time of the Celts.

Clan MacBran Keltfest 2019

Clan MacBran

The Scottish encampment of Clan MacBran

We are Clan MacBran. We are a group of re-enactors who have chosen the period of the Jacobites in 1745-1746 as their period to re-enact. Our camp aims to portrait a group of Jacobites and their daily activities, such as:

Preparing food, various crafts; basket weaving, woodcrafts, working iron, net knotting, knitting, washing, creating clothing, band weaving, soap making and churning butter. Weapons and their techniques. Demonstrations of the clothing like the Great kilt (for gents) and the Arisaid (for lasses) and the positioning and building of the tents and encampment.

More information will follow soon

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