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Plunder welcomes you in her port; put on your most piratey dancing boots and seize your mates by the collar! This pirate party folk band from Leeuwarden (NL) plays Dutch tunes about the black sheep of society, the desire for freedom and the search for your inner fire. Plunder never lets a chance go by to party with her audience. Influenced by various styles such as Irish folk, balkan, ska and klezmer, the group creates their own unique rousing and vigorous sound. This bunch of troublemakers is bound to plunder each and every single place they visit!


Keltische muziek


Pyrolysis is a folk band hailing from the heart of the Burgundian countryside, Zaltbommel. Pyrolysis by definition means, decomposition brought on by extreme heat. That is exactly what happened when these four talented musicians came together in a little rehearsal room in the middle of nowhere. The explosion resulted in an incredibly jolly mix of high-energy rhythms and danceable melodies. Their songs run over the entire spectrum of Celtic music, ranging from acoustic ballads, Pagan tunes, and drinking party sing-a-longs. Pyrolysis brings warm messages of friendship and happiness!


folk pop


Twibv started out as an excuse for a group of friends to play music together and quickly grew to be a fully fledged folk-pop band with original material. Playing music and telling stories is what we love to do; whether these stories come from literature, poetry, nature, our own experiences or our imagination doesn’t really matter. We like to use as many different instruments and languages as possible, but most important is that we bring our songs with humor, even the ones about death and misery.
In 2015, we released an EP called ‘Snippets’, and we’re currently preparing to record our first studio album.

The Highland Sell-Outs

The Highland Sell-Outs is a 4 piece folk band from Groningen. They have been touring throughout the Netherlands since 2013 and can be found on pop stages, in pubs and on music festivals like Middeleeuws Winschoten en the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival. These practised musicians take you along in the atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands and Irish pubs with their contemporary rendition of traditional folk music with rock and pop influences. Singer and violinist Sebastiaan, Guitar player Steven, bass player Robin and drummer Tim are inspired by bands such as Rapalje, the High Kings and the Killkennys.

The Highland Sell-Outs have introduced Irish folk songs and ballads to a young audience whilst stealing the hearts of the thorough folk-lovers.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind

Irish music with a modern twist. The young talents that make up Four of a Kind can pull off some of the most powerful, energetic and danceable jigs and reels one is likely to come across outside of Ireland.

With uilleann pipes prodigy Michael Boere, combined bouzouki-harmonica-player Tijn Berends, swinging fiddler Michelle Boere and bodhrán-beater Suzanne Leeuw, Four of a Kind has exactly the right combination of instruments and temperaments to take their music to the high level of skill and energy that is typical of modern Celtic music.

Half a Mile

Half a Mile

Half a Mile is a band of six passionate musicians from Zwolle. The two sisters Hanna and Susanne van Gemeren have been singing together since they were young. The band shares an honest message of their journey towards meaning, and try to solve the mystery of life and the Creator in this chaotic existence. The country/folk, Celtic and Middle-Eastern influences, combined with the band’s love for acoustic music, result in a unique and authentic sound.

The latest album Roots is all about wonder and respect for the world around us. Several songs are about nature: the peace it brings humankind, the wisdom of an ancient tree, the realization that we’re only small people in a world full of miracles… a quest in the midst of silence.

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The Assassenachs

The Assassenachs are is a folk trio consisting of two Scotsmen and a Dutchman. Their very own brand of Celtic music has a bite, is authentic, passionate and is full of energy. The songs vary from well known traditionals to less known contemporary and from ballads to fast dancing tunes. They sing about love, hard work and whisky with songs reflecting historical events, just the plain fanciful, porridge (of course) and their own compositions to round it off nicely.

The Assassenachs have been a phenomenon now for many years, playing in pubs, at festivals and Celtic events all over Europe.  In recent years reaching a wider audience, the band have gigged constantly since and through time have made an impression in the european folk scene.    The band often bring guest musicians on stage including Nynke Smid on fiddle and Katherine Macleod MacDougall on whistle and flute. Katherine introduced the band to gaelic mouth music (puirt-a-beul) and since then this unique music has been engraining itself in The Assassenachs repertoire slowly but surely.

folk punk, keltfest, circle j, folk rock, folk frenzy

Circle J

Circle J brings the folk punk to Keltfest!

Circle J have been playing their folk infused punk for over a decade, amassing a mad horde of followers at whatever shore they set foot. Their infectious mix of stomping punk and sing-along folktales has been a sure-fire recipe for heavy partying, drinking, dancing and assorted acts of mayhem. Their albums have been consistently well-received by critics and hailed by folkpunk fans and party lovers alike. Their latest album, ‘Year of the Goat’ (2015), brings you another treasure trove of folk punk and introduces Young God Ed, whose guitar heroism joins the already legendary arsenal of bagpipes, banjo, mandolin and tin whistle that will knock your socks off and leave you thirsty for more. On stage, the lowlands’ First Family of Folkpunk roars and blazes like an adolescent dragon on paxtaran. Hoton the heels of ‘Year of the Goat’, another infusion of young blood behind the drums will be catapulting Circle J across the Lowlands and beyond and may well have them storming a stage near you. So sharpen your axes, put on your dancin’ boots and join the Mighty Circle J for a fine bout of folkpunk frenzy.

Circle J have played many venues and festivals in the Benelux, Germany, France, Spain and England.

Circle J are:
Tomba – vocals and bass
Edje- guitar and vocals
Jasper – banjo, mandolin and vocals
Marianne – bagpipes, tin whistle, cross flute and vocals
Thom – drums

Robert den Hartigh, folk, roots music, keltfest

Robert den Hartigh

Robert den Hartigh: Folk & Roots music at Keltfest 2018

Robert den Hartigh (1976) is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist influenced by several traditional styles of folk and roots music. His own original songs are a pleasant blend of Transatlantic folk and (acoustic) blues.

Robert plays these songs with much devotion for our great musical roots. If you see Robert play, you can hear him following the footsteps of the musicians who inspired him. Being a part of and to carry on this musical tradition has become a way of life.

All the songs from Robert den Hartigh have their own story and memory. The intense experience comes straight from his heart. He accompanies himself with acoustic (slide)guitar, mandola and diatonic accordion. He also has an Indian bass drum. Robert is inspired by folkloristic artists like Leadbelly, Lightnin’Hopkins, Woody Guthrie, but also Rory Gallagher, the Chieftains and modern artists like Sixteen Horsepower.

Rapalje schotse folk muziek


Two thousand years ago the Celts were driven off of mainland Europe. All Celts? No, one band bravely resisted the influx of modern pop and rock and found their own place in the world of music.

Armed with nothing but their voices and instruments, Rapalje is raiding clubs and halls far and wide, looking for victims to carry away on a musical journey through Scottish Higlands, Irish valleys, taverns and inns. Ground shaking jigs and reels, delicate ballads and a whiff of heavy metal provide you with the perfect opportunity to not care about every day life.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dance  


The SIDH is een jonge en energetische band, altijd op zoek naar nieuwe ideeën en muzikale arrangementen, zonder hun roots te vergeten. Een combinatie van hedendaagse en elektronische Keltische muziek, dat door het gebruik van fluiten en doedelzakken, keyboards en percussie, Hip Hop en Dubstep beats een origineel en innovatief resultaat heeft. Op deze wijze wordt een sfeer met een onderscheidend gevoel van “toekomstige traditie” gecreëerd. 

The SIDH is a young and energetic band, always looking for new ideas and musical arrangements, without forgetting their roots. A combination of highly contemporary and electronic Celtic music, by use of whistles and bagpipes, keyboards and percussion, Hip Hop and Dubstep beats, creating an original and innovative result. This way they are able to create atmospheres with a distinctive scent of “future tradition”. 

With dozens of Tours between Europe and Asia (China, Ireland, Poland, Italy to name a few), collaborations with the world’s greatest artists (Lindsey Stirling, Hevia, Red Hot Chilli Pipers and many more), these four young musicians are able to recreate strong and exciting sounds made with Dubstep rhythms and Scottish Bagpipes, Hip Hop and Irish Whistles.

The SIDH will present their latest album “Another Way to Fly” released worldwide at the beginning of 2018.