Minstrel Season op Keltfest, zaterdag op Oak Stage

Minstrel Season

Dancing in the moonlight with Minstrel Season

An adopted mermaid child, a maggot as a pet, and dancing in the moonlight…
These are just some of the stories that Minstrel Season sings about.
Shortly after Roxanne and Danny formed the folk duo Minstrel Season, their debut album Dragon Rising (2015) was released. Aside from some Irish and Scottish traditionals, the album was mainly filled with their own work. The style reminded people of the bygone times of the Middle Ages and the Celtic culture.
Then after several festivals and a tour through Southern England, Whispers of the Well (2017) appeared. This second album was with influences of country, blues, bluegrass and Pagan chants more than just the earlier Celtic folk.
In early 2017, the folk duo decided to expand into a full folk band by adding bass and violin to the instruments. At Keltfest, they will appear with an awesome live band.

Come and listen to the stories of Minstrel Season…

Minstrel Season plays on Saturday.

the royal spuds, keltfest

The Royal Spuds

A delicious party with the Royal Spuds!

With the start of the ticket sale, we’re here to announce the first band:
From the moist dirt in South-Holland, a new kind of tuber emerged. The kind that walks on two legs and is fused with an instrument of choice. It’s The Royal Spuds! A half-baked punk mash with chunks, suffused with a traditional Irish shamrock ‘n roll-sauce. As befits a “real” spud, the possibilities are endless!

Since the release of their first album, The Royal Spuds have been on the fast track; gaining fans and momentum at a steady pace. Wanted Drunk and Alive (2013) climbed the charts fast and made it into the top rankings for ‘Best Celtic Punk/Rock Albums’, at CFP Radio. “It’s A Feckin’ Freakshow” (2015) was voted #10 People’s Choice and #18 Editor’s Choice for Best Album 2015 on Irish Pub Radio; and again in the top rankings at CFP Radio.

Quotes like“It is terrifying what this band can do in a packed room” were written on the basis of performances by The Royal Spuds. With a new EP coming at the end of 2018, titled “Unforgotten Lore”, The Royal Spuds are ready to take over any festival in the coming year!

voorverkoop tickets Kelffest 2019

Ticket Sales Keltfest 2019 have started

The Ticket Sales for Keltfest 2019 have started

On may 25th and 26th the twelfth edition of Keltfest will take place: Keltfest 2019 Today the ticket sales started. 
Through our ticket page you can buy your tickets. Will we see you in May?


Want to know more about the program of next edition? Keep an eye on our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, so you won’t miss a thing!

More information will follow soon

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Like every year we’ve got plenty to do for the children on the Kidshill. Come in to get your face painted and of course there will be lots of wonderful games to play. Participate in several craft projects or colouring. 

Of course our traditional kiddybattle will be one of the highlights. The children will have a chance to fight the adults. We definitely need the aid of strong children! Are you coming to help us? 

For the smallest ones (age 0-2) we have a quiet and safe place where they can rest and play for a while. For the parents we offer changing facilities as well as a place to heat a meal.



Fantasy Award, Bastaard, Keltfest

Keltfest wins Fantasy Award for Best Festival!


We are proud and very honoured with winning the Bastaard Fantasy Award 2017 for Best Festival!

We definitely didn’t expect to win, because we shared the shortlist with big, fantastic festivals like Middeleeuws Winschoten, Elfia and Zomerfolk. We are proud to have been on the same list as these festivals. We hope you will be able to enjoy our and many other fantasy festivals for years to come. This is what makes our fantasy scene so beautiful!

Of course we’d like to thank everyone who makes Keltfest possible, from volunteer to exhibitor, from artist to visitor. We’d love to see you all again, May 26th & 27th in Vijfhuizen, at Keltfest 2018!

keltfest verhuist, keltfest, keltisch festival, verhuizing

Keltfest moves to a new location!

As of 2018 Keltfest will be held at the beautiful recreation area Groene Weelde in Vijfhuizen (municipality of Haarlemmermeer). This new terrain offers Vana Events the opportunity to further expand Keltfest as the Celtic event of the Netherlands. Among other things a festival camping and bagpipe competitions will be new components of the festival program. 

Keltfest attracts nearly 10000 tourists annually and offers visitors to experience the Celtic era. With craftsmanship, workshops like archery and forging, demo’s, an extensive market and lots of children activities, the festival offers something for everyone.  

The musical line-up has many folk bands programmed on several stages and with a pint in hand you imagine yourself in a Irish pub. Everyone is invited to join in on one of many pub sessions or fill your stomach with delicious authentic food that is on offer by various caterers. 

In 2017 Keltfest celebrated its 10th edition in the Hollandse Biesbosch. Vana Events hopesto bring this Celtic festival to new heights by moving to the Groene Weelde in Vijfhuizen.


Date: May 26th & 27th 2018
Opening hours:
26 May: 10.00 – 24.00h
27 May: 10.00 – 20.00h