Highland Dancing competitie tijdens Keltfest 2019 Vijfhuizen onderdeel van highland games

Highland Dancing Competition

What would the Highland Games be without an Highland Dancing competition?

Nothing captures the spirit of the Scottish culture better than Highland Dancing during Highland Games. Nowadays, most dancers are female, but the roots of these dances lay in the military clan culture and Scottish folklore.
Originally, Highland Dancing was only for men. The Clan chiefs used the different dances to pick their best men. The men showed off their strength, technique, and stamina during dancing.

In Highland dancing, the dancers dance on the balls of the feet Highland dancing is a form of solo step dancing, from which it evolved, but while some forms of step dancing are purely percussive in nature, Highland dancing involves not only a combination of steps but also some integral upper body, arm, and hand movements.

Some Highland dances do derive from traditional social dances, however. An example is the Highland Reel, also known as the Foursome Reel, in which groups of four dancers alternate between solo steps facing one another and a figure-of-eight style with intertwining progressive movement. Even so, in competitions, the Highland Reel dancers are judged individually. Most Highland dances are danced solo.

Categories in Scottish Highland dances

Scottish Highland dances are generally divided into several types. Categories are more for convenience than strict style:

  • Highland dances (such as the Highland Fling and Sword Dance), danced in Kilt
  • National dances (such as the Scottish Lilt, Flora McDonald’s Fancy), danced in National or Aboyne dress
  • Character dances (such as the Sailor’s Hornpipe and Irish jig)

The best known dances are the Highland Fling and the Sword Dance. In the Sword Dance the dancers dance over two crossed swords, representing their own sword and that of the enemy.

It is important that the dancer does not touch the swords – nowadays touching the sword has a penalty of losing points or even disqualification, in the olden days it was seen as a bad omen for the upcoming battle. In the Highland Fling the dancers aim to dance in one spot and their arms represent the antlers of a deer.

National dances are more feminine and ballet like, and allow for softer movements.

Selfish Murphy Keltfest Vijfhuizen Hill Stage 2019

Selfish Murphy

Selfish Murphy: a dynamic performance filled with classics, easy listening and great songs

The band Selfish Murphy was founded in 2011 in Transilvania (Romania). The formation chose a style of music that was till then unknown in Romania. So they have become the first Romanian band that has chosen the so called Celtic/Irish punk rock. In 2016 the band home country is moved to Hungary.

The method of songwriting always puts in aspect to transmit the unique feeling of Celtic and Irish lifestyle, the main purpose is to transmit the atmosphere of an Irish pub. The majority of the songs are cheerful and easy to digest. In the tracklist we can find traditional Irish songs which are widely popular all around the world (such as: Drunken Sailor, All For Me Grog, Leaving Of Liverpool, Wild Rover) these are played in Celtic/Irish Punk version, of course there are covers that keep the trend of today’s songs (such as: Avicii – wake Me Up /Hey Brother, U2 – With Or Without You) converted in Irish Folk style.

These songs are supplemented with the bands own songs. Which results in a dynamic performance filled with classics, easy listening and one big pub party.

Selfish Murphy plays on Sunday at the Hill Stage.

Tango – Balfolk workshop

Tango with a twist

Bart has been dancing and teaching Balfolk and Tango for many years. But why would we keep those dances separate? During his workshop, you’ll learn to implement Tango elements into your favourite balfolk dances!

“More than 10 years ago I came into contact with Balfolk. Immediately seized by the pleasure and improvisation that we find in Balfolk, I travelled to France many times in the summer to dance and learn more about European dances. Shortly thereafter I came into contact with the Argentine Tango. The music and precision of the dance grabbed me and I immediately became addicted. After having given Balfolk workshops in the Netherlands and abroad, living in Argentina for a year and giving Tango workshops and performances in Europe, South America and Asia, it is time to combine these two together! Together we look at how we can apply elements from the Tango in Balfolk.”

Tango experience is not necessary, Balfolk experience will help you a lot.

Continental Bagpipe Championships NOVDB Vijfhuizen Keltfest 2019


Continental Pipe Band Championships 2019

On Saturday the 25th of may the Scottish Meadow at the Keltfest will be completely taken over by pipe bands from the Scottish Highlands. Just like on the grounds at the Scottish Highlands, several bands from Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will compete in different events against each other trying to claim the title of “Continental Pipe Band Champions”.

Depending on the event the band will compete in they will play a selection of music. Some from a prescribed tunes list defined by the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, some are allowed to pick their own music.

These events will be adjudicated by official judges provided by the Royal Scottish Pipe Band

Association and are flown in for this event. The bands will be adjudicated on musicality for the bagpipe players. The drummers will be judged by a separate judge. Together these results will make up the final price list for the competing bands.

After all of the performances all the bands will join together to play in a final “Massed Band” before the price giving will commence.

On Sunday may 26th there will be several bands on and about the Scottish Meadow who will al be giving you their best performances throughout the day.

Flannery op Keltfest 2019 in Vijfhuizen


Flannery joins the party!

Flannery is a Scottish folk rock band with only one mission: creating an unforgettable party that the audience will always remember. The band makes this happen with their music filled with Scottish, Celtic but also Irish influences. Flannery means flat land and is the perfect name for the chilly men, who want to entertain with raw but also snappy, melodious music.

The repertoire of Flannery is varied. Instrumental, folk, rock and even rap will be played by the band. They write the music and the lines themselves which gives the music its unique feel. These men do everything possible to create an unforgettable party. Fine rock music with the bearing tones of the bagpipe!


Flannery plays on Sunday on the Hill Stage.

Keltfest 2019 workshop highland dancing keltisch dansen

Workshop Highland Dancing

Workshop: Highland dancing

During Keltfest 2019 you’ll get the chance to learn the basics of Highland Dancing in the dance tent! The workshop covers the basics of dancing and will learn you more about the historical background. Let’s dance!

Highland dancing is a competitive and technical dance form requiring technique, stamina, and strength, and is recognised as a sport by the Sport Council of Scotland.

In Highland dancing, the dancers dance on the balls of the feet Highland dancing is a form of solo step dancing, from which it evolved, but while some forms of step dancing are purely percussive in nature, Highland dancing involves not only a combination of steps but also some integral upper body, arm, and hand movements.

Some Highland dances do derive from traditional social dances, however. An example is the Highland Reel, also known as the Foursome Reel, in which groups of four dancers alternate between solo steps facing one another and a figure-of-eight style with intertwining progressive movement. Even so, in competitions, the Highland Reel dancers are judged individually. Most Highland dances are danced solo.

Mumfords Calling bij Keltfest 2019 in Vijfhuizen. Mumfords and Sons tribute band

Mumfords Calling

I will wait, I will wait for Mumfords Calling!

The three-year-old band Mumfords Calling is an international phenomenon! This Mumford & Sons tribute band knows exactly how to perform. With gigs in the Netherlands as well as Belgium and England, they have their share of experience. The men played on numerous stages: from small clubs to big pop, folk and tribute festivals.

They will play all the greatest hits from award winning albums Sigh no more, Babel, Wilder Mind and Delta such as Little Lion Man, I will wait and the Cave. The show, atmosphere, looks and sound of Mumfords Calling will bring you as close to a Mumford and Sons concert as you can get.  

Mumfords Calling plays on Saturday.

workshop ierse dans rosalie keltfest danstent

Ierse Dansworkshop by Rosalie Wagenaar

Workshop: Learn the basics of Irish Dance!

Have you always wanted to learn the basics of beautiful Irish jigs and reels? This year, none other than Rosalie Wagenaar from the Rose Irish Dance School teaches workshops at Keltfest. She gets musical guidance of accordion player Erik de Jong!

Rosalie has been dancing for over ten years at the theater shows of Rapalje and is also the owner of the successful dance school ‘Rose Irish Dance School’. Since 2014, she has been one of the six certified teachers of Irish Dance in the Netherlands (for organisation CLRG). Furthermore, Rosalie has been one of the lucky ones who could participate for three years in a row at the Riverdance Trinity College International Summer School (2015, 2016, 2017).  Tere she has worked with professional dancers and big names in the Irish dance world.

The Rose Irish Dance School got a chance to participate in many special performances, including Najib & Jandino Live at De Kuip, the TV program Circus Gerschtanowitz, the National Tattoo in Ahoy and Belgium’s Got Talent.

No dancing experience is required for the workshops at Keltfest. Let yourself be transported to Ireland through the cheerful group dances, where pleasure is paramount!


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Are you looking to add a little bit of extra comfort to your camping adventure? Book your tent now via the FestiTent website.


festitent, castlefest, campingFestitent, castlefest, camping

Moonshine Brigade Keltfest 2019 americana bluegrass country

Moonshine Brigade

Moonshine Brigade swings!

It starts like many great ideas: in the pub, a conversation over a nice drink. Late at night we go out; tap a fresh water source with some pipes that we duct taped together. And then comes the moment; our still ol’ Haggard Badger begins to fill and we ignite the fire underneath it.

While it boils and magic takes place, we pick up our instruments, lubricate our throats and sing about trains, hopeless love and the transience of drugs. We play until we drop and sleep underneath the stars.

The next morning hails us and we set out to another place with our fresh batch of ‘shine; we’re the Moonshine Brigade.

Moonshine Brigade plays on Saturday.
Curious which other bands play at Keltfest 2019? Check all Music

Prehistory Alive Worldwide slaat hun laat- mesolithische kampement op tijdens @Keltfest 2019 en neemt jou mee terug naar de jagers-verzamelaars

Prehistory Alive Worldwide

Prehistory Alive Worldwide will get you in touch with our ancestors from the Stone age!

Prehistory Alive Worldwide (PAW) sets up their late- mesolithic camp and takes you back to the hunter-gatherers. How did they make fire, tan hides, cook or make tools? PAW will show you with stories, demo’s and activities how they think it looked like around 8000 years ago. You can talk to them about topics such as  leather tanning, flint knapping, basket weaving, making nets and much more.

Pay a visit and let yourself be painted with ochre, try out the outfits or stay and chill on a deerskin around the fire.

Do you want more action?

Are you a real go-getter? Do you feel the blood of your ancestors running through your veins? Then sign up for the PREO GAMES! PAW challenges you to carry out multiple prehistoric activities as fast and good as you can, battling against other candidates… there are even some nice prices to win!

Do you have what it takes to be a hunter gatherer?

Tir Nan Og speelt op beide dagen op Keltfest

Tir Nan Og

Tir Nan Og’s music moves your ears, voices, arms and legs

Tir Nan Og (from Gaelic, meaning: land of the everliving) consists of six musicians from southern Germany. They have been rocking stages in Central Europe for many years. No matter if it is a cozy pub or a large festival stage, Tir Nan Og feels right at home.  They manage to carry their audience like few other bands.

It is impossible to escape the energetic show, the untamed musical power and the congenial character of the band. Tir Nan Og unites different musical styles to an extraordinary mix which is still faithfully rooted in Celtic folk rock.

Traditional tunes ingeniously combined with original songs, well-known folk songs clothed in new and fat rock outfits. This all is combined with faced paced and very danceable rhythms and catchy singalongs – Tir Nan Og’s music moves your ears, voices, arms and legs.

Tir Nan Og plays on Saturday at the Hill Stage and on Sunday at the Oak Stage.

Marsanta Suibhail op Keltfest 2019

Marsanta Suibhail

The witches of Marsanta Suibhail 

We, Marsanta Suibhail, have a Celtic background and get our stuff we sell through barter during our trip through Europe. Our name is Celtic for traveling merchant and is pronounced “Marsant’a Shu-ul”.
From wood and bone we make tools like utensils and handicrafts, such as spoons, wooden needles and crochet hooks. Next, we sell these tools, but also use them ourselves to make jewelry and woolen hats. During Keltfest we demonstrate these crafts and give explanations. Would you like to try it yourself? Just ask!

We are witches. Due to the witch persecutions, we can never stay in the same area for long. We travel a lot and come into contact with many different peoples and cultures with whom we barter and exchange knowledge on craftsmanship. This way, we learned needle binding and making lucet cord making from the Vikings. But this tour is also dangerous and therefore we are both proficient in the use of the sword and axe.
Come and take a look!


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keltische hobbits Keltfest Oak Stage

Keltische Hobbits

Musical adventures with the Keltische Hobbits 

The Keltische Hobbits will be clambering onto the Keltfest stage with their adventurous instruments, ancient languages, rambling rhymes, and hairy hopping feet!

Celtic Hobbits? Well, Iris and Luuk are not quite that small… but they do love good food, long wandering journeys, and cheerful folk music!
Singing harpist Iris brings old folksongs to life in the languages of Irish Gaelic, Breton, English, Limbourgish, and Dutch. Creative virtuoso Luuk paints lyrical landscapes with his whistles, ocarina’s, shruti box, rubber duckies, teaspoons, and accordion.

From summer birds to stormy pirates, from romantic starry nights to the illegal brewery of tea: the Keltische Hobbits sing and play about all of it, until the elves start dancing on the rooftops. Come and enjoy the songs, dance tunes, improvisations, jokes, and poems!

After 2 years of making music together (and eating and hiking), it is time for a shiny debut album! The record will be released on April 1st 2019 and will also be available at Keltfest.

De Keltische Hobbits play on Saturday.